Zoe Gadon-Thompson

Zoe is passionate about open source & open data, a love inspired by her first developer role with Flax & Teal in Belfast. She completed a foundation degree in Software Engineering and went on to work as an open source developer, deciding against university in favour of starting her career. When she's not making terrible puns, she works with Vue.js, Laravel and Python, but isn't fully committed to a specific technology or language. Things change so quickly. It's arguably most important to have passion for what you do, rather than knowing exactly what you're doing.

Zoe has experience organising events with groups such as Code Co-Op, Farset Labs, & Belfast Tech Families. Having always considered herself a socially awkward introvert, she does a lot of public speaking. In the past year there has been at least 12 talks ranging from honesty about imposter syndrome, to how data is processed within a complex distributed architecture.

Outside of her professional life, she loves to draw and crochet. She is also quite apt at throwing an axe.

Zoe tries to be open about certain aspects of her life, like work, parenthood, & mental health triumphs. Her thoughts can be found on her blog page, although some posts may be quite personal.